Online Board Meetings Benefits

A virtual board meeting can save your nonprofit organisation time, money and energy. It allows your members to take part regardless of schedules, quarantine restrictions and travel restrictions. Virtual meetings can be difficult when they’re not managed correctly. Following a few easy guidelines will result in a successful online meeting with a an active participation from the board and efficient documentation.

Begin by creating a concise, clear agenda. Include your board members in establishing the agenda. Send them a copy at least a month in advance to give them time to prepare. This will help keep your board focused and ensure that all subjects are discussed during the meeting.

Make sure you use video conferencing during your meeting to ensure that the attendees are able to see each other. It’s harder to engage when board members aren’t able understand body language or hear each one another clearly. Additionally, video conferences are a great way to avoid distractions such as pets, children or household activities.

Include all the decisions that were taken at the meeting as well as the notes of each participant. This makes your meeting minutes more helpful for future reference and also ensures that all decisions are documented in detail. If you don’t document your decisions correctly, it can lead to confusion and conflicting information later. Be sure to have an individual minute-taker who is aware of the importance of recording the entire discussion and any decisions in full.

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