Online Data and Security is the procedure of securing digital data from theft, corruption or unauthorised access. It covers everything including computer software and hardware to storage devices, networks and user devices. Data security is becoming increasingly crucial in the Internet of Things era, where physical devices like fitness trackers that wearable and smart refrigerators are able to connect to the Internet and gather, share, and store data.

The encryption is a vital element of data security. It converts sensitive data into a coded format that cannot be read by anyone who doesn’t have the decryption keys. This is used to secure information sent over the Internet and stored on devices such as smartphones and laptops. It is a common method to protect data in a database.

Backups of data are another aspect of data security. They ensure that, in the event of any kind of hack or loss of any kind, data can be restored. This is crucial for companies that use cloud-first strategies or remote working practices.

Privacy policies are a further aspect of online security. They outline what data an organization will collect and how to access it and who will be able to access it. This allows individuals to have control over how their information is collected and used. It also helps to keep trust between a business and its customers.

Security of data is a must for companies who want to protect their image and avoid loss of trust from customers following the occurrence of a data breach. It’s also an essential method to keep your competitive edge since 21% of consumers have said they would change brands following a data breach.