Many mission-driven businesses utilize team collaboration software because it’s an efficient tool that allows them to communicate and collaborate with one another regardless of location. While team collaboration software is ideal for board meetings, it does have its negatives and pitfalls.

The proper tools can make boards more productive and, in turn increase the success of your organization. Collaboration tools that are robust can increase productivity by eliminating information silos and speeding the completion of tasks.

A good collaboration tool can improve the quality of meetings and improve transparency within an organization. This is because it can reduce the number of tools that are utilized, which will reduce the amount of information that is lost in translation. The ability to create a real-time interactive whiteboard that is shared with everyone means that ideas and suggestions are easily shared.

Boards can collaborate in a collaborative manner, regardless of their geographical location or time zone with the appropriate tools. For example when an organization is working on a plan to shoot an advertisement for their latest product and has to coordinate plans with their videographer, they can create a project roadmap with their colleague using a collaboration tool like Jira. It is easy to track the timeline for each stage of the project as well as who is responsible for what, all from one screen.